About Us

AASA is organized for the purpose of promoting and providing a cultural and political awareness of Asian and Asian American customs and diversity within the University and local community. We also act as a support group for those of Asian descent as well as those interested in participating in this association's activities, helping to achieve its principles and objectives.

Our Objectives:

1. To enhance greater understanding among Asian Americans of different nationalities and their backgrounds.

2. To advance social awareness and growth of Asian American college students.

3. To promote interaction between the students of the University of Georgia through club-sponsored events.

4. To exchange culture and educate the greater university community.

With the help of Multicultural Services and Programs, AASA works to develop awareness among the students and faculty here at the University of Georgia about the many interesting facets of Asian Culture. By sponsoring social and cultural events, and promoting Asian speakers, we can help others to become aware of these many facets, and help preserve Asian Culture.